Office Tables

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Elevate your workspace with Jardan’s range of office tables

At Jardan, our range of office desks and meeting tables blend contemporary design with functionality and sustainability. Whether you're setting up your home office or corporate meeting room, our office tables are tailored to meet your diverse needs.

The right office table is essential for creating an efficient, comfortable and beautiful work environment. Our modern office tables are crafted with durable and sustainably sourced materials. With an in-house design and manufacturing team, Jardan offers a range of boardroom tables, meeting tables and task chairs that have been designed using long lasting and high quality finishes including laminate options, solid timber and powder coated steel options.

Explore our office tables for sale online or contact one of our sales team to discuss your commercial requirements and redefine your workspace.

Elements to consider when choosing an office desk

  • Ergonomics and comfort
    Seek out an office table with an optimal height and adequate legroom to reduce discomfort or fatigue during long work hours. Our meeting tables and office desks are available in different shapes, colours, lengths and widths and have been designed to combine both form and function.
  • Materials
    Whether you prefer the classic warmth of wood or the practicality of laminate, opt for a material that meets your functional needs. Our office tables for sale are made using high-quality materials, sourced from suppliers who hold accredited certification standards.

    Moreover, our office furniture is made to order in our Melbourne Design and Manufacturing HQ.

  • Design
    Select a style that complements your office decor, whether it's modern, traditional, or minimalist. Consider the table's colour and finish, ensuring it matches the room's overall aesthetic. Our modern office tables feature contemporary designs and clean lines. Perfect for workspaces that prefer a minimalist setting, our office tables help promote productivity and create a clutter-free space.
  • Size and space
    Consider the room's layout and available space to ensure your new office table fits properly. At Jardan, our desks and meeting tables are designed to cater to a wide range of spaces and styles. To find the right specification for your office or space please reach out to our team and they can work closely with you to find the right pieces for your space.

    Buy office tables now and invest in office furniture that inspires efficiency and creativity.

Durability meets craftsmanship at Jardan - Artistry in every detail

Buy office tables that are both visually striking and exceptionally practical. Our desks and meeting tables feature clean, simple designs and a sophisticated colour palette, bringing a sense of timeless elegance to your workspace.

Unparalleled performance

We're known for creating office furniture, including tables, armchairs and sofas, that withstand the rigours of daily use. Rest assured, our products will retain their beauty and functionality for years to come.

Eco-friendly practices

Sustainability is at the core of our identity. We take pride in being certified as carbon neutral since 2014. Every facet of our business, including design, material sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery, is geared towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental responsibility.

Drop by our showroom and view our curated selection of designer furniture, rugs, office chairs and side tables. Contact us today to book a visit.