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Essential Oil Breathe ESSENTIAL OIL 15ml Breathe

Essential Oil Breathe


15ml 0.3oz ESSENTIAL OIL / 15ml / Breathe
Essential Oil Grove ESSENTIAL OIL 15ml Grove

Essential Oil Grove


15ml 0.3oz ESSENTIAL OIL / 15ml / Grove
Essential Oil Kit Essential ESSENTIAL OIL Set of 4 Essential

Essential Oil Kit Essential


Set of 4 0.3oz ESSENTIAL OIL / Set of 4 / Essential
Essential Oil Kit Rest ESSENTIAL OIL Set of 4 Rest

Essential Oil Kit Rest


Set of 4 0.3oz ESSENTIAL OIL / Set of 4 / Rest
Essential Oil Retreat ESSENTIAL OIL 15ml Retreat

Essential Oil Retreat


15ml 0.3oz ESSENTIAL OIL / 15ml / Retreat
Juno Stripe Basil

Juno Stripe Basil


Waffle Linen 100 x 170cm:100 x 170cm,Waffle Linen 70 x 130cm:70 x 130cm,Waffle Linen 33 x 33cm:33 x 33cm,Waffle Linen 50 x 80cm :50 x 80cm Waffle Linen 100 x 170cm:39 x 67in,Waffle Linen 70 x 130cm:39 x 67in,Waffle Linen 33 x 33cm:20 x 30 in,Waffle Linen 50 x 80cm :28 x 51in

Enhance the functionality of your space with high-quality bathroom accessories

Create the bathroom of your dreams with our curated collection of bathroom accessories. From invigorating morning rituals to soothing evening routines, we have everything you need to create a tranquil bathing experience.

Choose from bathroom furniture, lighting and aromatherapy essentials thoughtfully designed to enhance your personal sanctuary. From soft towels to handmade incense holders, our bathroom accessories add functionality and aesthetic appeal to your space.

Shop bathroom essentials and create the perfect retreat to relax and recharge.

Soft cotton terry bath towels and robes

Wrap yourself in softness with quick-drying, ultra-absorbent bath towels and bathrobes. Crafted from breathable materials, our towels retain their plushness even with regular use and washing. Choose from a variety of sizes and colours to elevate your self-care routine.

Aromatherapy accessories

Indulge your senses with our selection of soothing candles and essential oils. We offer a range of fragrances to suit every mood. Incorporating aromatherapy into your bathroom routine can offer a range of benefits for both your physical and mental well-being:

  • Stress reduction — Essential oils, such as lavender and chamomile, are known for their calming properties. Inhaling these scents during a bath or shower can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.
  • Mood enhancement — Aromatherapy has the power to influence your mood. Citrus scents, like lemon or orange, can be invigorating and uplifting, while floral scents can create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Improved sleep — Relaxing scents like lavender are often associated with improved sleep quality. Using aromatherapy in the evening as part of your bedtime routine can signal to your body that it's time to unwind and prepare for rest.

Incense sticks and holders

Use incense sticks to create a calm ambience that promotes mindfulness. Beyond their enchanting scents, they help purify your space, influencing mood and emotions. Our incense sticks feature notes of frankincense, petitgrain, violet leaf, geranium, jasmine and cedarwood.

We also have incense holders and candle burners in diverse shapes, sizes and colours, handmade by local artists and makers. Besides creating a tranquil atmosphere, they also serve as stylish accents for your bathroom.

Timeless bathroom accessories

While simplicity is at the core of our designs, it's the carefully curated details that make our bath decor and accessories truly stunning. From distinct textures to subtle patterns, each element is chosen to add a unique touch to your bathroom essentials.

Ethical sourcing and production

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our selection of eco-friendly materials and responsible manufacturing techniques. At Jardan, we procure over 75% of our materials from trusted Australian suppliers. Our team also prioritises suppliers who adhere to accredited standards for organic cotton, foam, down and timber.

Shop bathroom accessories now

Besides bathroom essentials, we also offer furniture, rugs, and lighting fixtures designed by our inhouse design team and manufactured in our world class facility in Melbourne, Australia. To learn more about our homeware essentials, we invite you to visit our showroom. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you in discovering the perfect additions for your home.

While our flagship store is on Church St in Richmond in Melbourne, we're delighted to expand our presence with additional showrooms in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide.

Explore our range of bathroom furniture and accessories, or contact us today to book a visit to your local showroom.