Office Armchairs

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Redefine your professional space with Jardan’s range of office armchairs

Explore our collection of office desk armchairs, where functionality meets high-end design. Perfect for elevating your home workspace and corporate conference rooms, our modern office armchairs are built to meet various styles and requirements. Choose from armchairs for offices, fully upholstered models in high quality premium fabrics or fine leather suitable for commercial environments. Each designed with elevated seating and high-back options for superior comfort.

With an experienced in-house design and manufacturing team, Jardan presents a well-crafted line of office furniture that includes sofas, meeting tables and executive chairs. Our furniture collection features durable, high-quality finishes such as laminate, solid timber and powder-coated steel. Order our home office armchairs online and transform your workspace.

Our office desk armchairs are designed to help you stay comfortable throughout your workday. Many of our armchairs are available with either a swivel, return-swivel or fixed base to suit diverse preferences and environments. The right home office armchair offers optimal height and adequate legroom. It's about creating a healthier work environment that enhances productivity and well-being.

Our office armchairs are crafted from a selection of premium eco-friendly materials suitable for a wide range of settings, from light to heavy commercial environments. These premium materials are sourced from suppliers who have earned accreditation for their certification standards. Our foams are available in GECA certification, ensuring they meet rigorous environmental and health criteria, while our timber is procured from sustainably managed forests. Each piece of Jardan furniture is custom-made at our Design and Manufacturing Headquarters in Melbourne, emphasising our commitment to quality and precision.

Our armchairs for offices come in diverse shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. Whether you like classic armchairs with strong bases or prefer modern designs with bold curves, we have styles to fit any office look. Explore our collection now and find office armchairs that command attention and inspire creativity.

Elevate your workspace with armchairs for offices that add elegance without overwhelming your space. Our modern office armchairs are characterised by their playful designs and wide colour selection.

At Jardan, our furniture, lighting fixtures and homewares draw inspiration from the laid-back Australian lifestyle. Our dedicated artisans combine traditional manufacturing techniques with advanced technology, guaranteeing every custom-made piece meets the highest standards.

Our commitment to craftsmanship ensures that each office armchair, table and sofa endures the daily demands of the workplace. We use durable materials such as steel, solid timber and different grade Australian-made foams to provide unmatched comfort and longevity.

Sustainability guides all our decisions, from design to production and delivery. We are proud to have been certified as a carbon-neutral company by the NCOS governing body since 2014. We go the extra mile to reduce our carbon footprint, cut down on waste and foster environmental responsibility.

If you're seeking made-to-order furniture for your space, our expert designers are ready to turn your vision into reality. Shop our stunning home office armchairs now or visit our showrooms and experience comfort firsthand.