Rug Underlay


 To compliment our Jardan Rug collection, we are pleased to introduce our Jardan Dual lock Rug underlay. Dual Lock is a non-slip rug underlay with "light" adhesive on both sides which can be used on both soft and hard floors. Measuring 3mm - 4mm in thickness, it provides additional walking comfort whilst satisfying the highest demands.


200 x 300cm:200 x 300cm,240 x 300cm:240 x 300cm,250 x 350cm:250 x 350cm,300 x 400cm:300 x 400cm 200 x 300cm:79 x 118in,240 x 300cm:95 x 118in,250 x 350cm:98 x 138in,300 x 400cm:118 x 158in
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Product Details

Our Underlays are available in 4 standard sizes to match our current ready to ship rugs and can also be ordered in custom sizes to match custom rug orders. Please check rug measurements carefully before ordering. 

Prior to installation, please ensure the floor is vacuumed, cleaned and completely dry. Cut Dual Lock 4cm - 6cm smaller than the rug size itself using any standard household scissor. Position the underlay where the rug will ultimately lay, remembering that the size of the underlay is slightly narrower and shorter than the rug itself. Please note, there is no right or wrong way to place the underlay down as both sides have the same adhesive tack applied to it. Carefully place the rug on top of the underlay and enjoy.

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