Lola Terracotta Vase Large

Perla Valtierra

Perla Valtierra hand makes each Lola vase from sandstone. Lola's sensual form and earthy finish celebrate the unique textural qualities of Perla's work. The Lola vase comes in multiple sizes, with a beautiful earthy matte glaze.
35 x 25cm 14 x 10in
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Product Details

Founder and designer Perla Valtierra is originally from Mexico. Producing high end, handcrafted ceramics with a team of over 20 artisans and creatives. Valtierra has trained and lived in Paris, Kyoto, and Brussels, she is an eternal explorer of objects, craft, and diverse cultures, she behaves as an alchemist who mixes clays and experiments with different glaze techniques.

Care & Maintenance

Wipe down with a soft clean cloth or hand wash carefully if required.

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