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Jardan has specialised in the design and manufacture of high-quality seating and other furniture since 1987. We believe that excellent craftsmanship and longevity can have a positive influence on the way we live our lives. Every Jardan piece is crafted to order in Melbourne, with care and precision, by hand so you can expect nothing less than seating that adheres to the Australian way of life.

Discover our range of luxury seating

When planning the design of a modern and stylish home, don’t forget to give as much attention to the dining seating and office chairs as you would the other house furniture. Not only do seats offer people a place to relax, but they can also accentuate your home’s features and easily fill up bland, empty spaces.

Jardan offers an easy way for customers to attain luxury furniture that’s locally made and of the highest quality. Whether you’re looking for executive-class chairs like our series of Mina office chairs or provide your family with the comfort of a Lemmy modular sofa, we have what you need to turn a simple house into a stylish home.

We have a wide range of designer dining and office seating options, rugs, beds, and housewares for you to choose from. Many of our offerings can be tailored to your specifications.

We are also prepared to go the extra mile with you when it comes to interior design. Book a virtual consultation and our team of experts will work with you to ensure your home has the best design plan that’s aesthetic yet functional.

Jardan is your source for quality Australian-made furniture online

Jardan is proud to be Australia's leader in authentic, original, and sustainable lounge room furniture. Many of our products are manufactured locally to promote home-grown businesses and maintain the Australian way of life.

Whether you’re searching for online furniture or looking for seating at various physical shops, Jardan’s website and stores are always ready to accommodate you. Simply contact us with your house furniture needs and we’ll find you the pieces you need.